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6 ways to secure your child while using Internet

Securing children is the most important thing while using internet. Children like surfing internet every day so they share a lot of things with others so we should tell them take care when they are dealing with strangers .
The world celebrates on 7 February each year with World Safe Internet Day to raise awareness among parents, teachers and children about cyber security. So in our topic we’ll mention 6 tips to help people how they secure children while using internet. 

There is 1 out of 3 children are victims of online bullying, and 1 in 4 children watched pornographic films at the age of twelve, so  these figures are alarming and highlighting terrifying facts with the widespread spread of technology, increasing modern devices in homes, and opening Online communication almost continuously.

Children should be taught that every time they accept  a stranger on internet, they increase their chances of putting themselves at risk. This risk involves sharing their photos without their permission or receiving messages from people who describe themselves as friends who are in fact fake.
Here are 6 simple tips to help parents control their children's Secure while using of the Internet:
  You are the controller
Control your broadband Internet and any Internet-enabled devices at home. And remember to check all mobile devices, laptops, computers, TV and games. Ask your children to knew thier friends in all the applications they use, whether Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or other.

 Blocking devices is not useful 
Most children use computers in schools, and they can use other computers in their friends' houses, for example. Instead of a total ban, you can set a specific time to use electronic devices in your home, which will help you control the official surfing by your children, as well as teach them safe games that can be played online. Remember that, like most things, if parents completely prohibit children from using the devices and the Internet, they will become more insistent on using it even in secret.
  You must be friend to your child  
Children are advised to use all appliances in the main room of the house, where adults are constantly there, in addition to preventing use in bedrooms. This allows children to play online or chat with friends, but with the knowledge of their families and their awareness that their parents will check them every now and then to see what they are doing and what they are talking about.
Be more aware
A good tip for dealing with children and teens is to tell them that something they can't do face to face or in reality, they can't do online. You should also teach your children how to file reports or reports against abusive people and pages online, block people, and maintain personal information. You can watch a movie with them about keeping them safe online, usually that works compared to just talking from parents.
Tech your children the meaning of Ads.
Ads often appear on social media channels, so children should be directed to how to distinguish between real and fake ads targeting people.
 Close WiFi 
Yes, this advice may be a little scary for people who check their phones just before bed, once they wake up. But parents should set an example for their children to do the same. 9pm good timing to close the WiFi and get a family time away from the internet. Try this for a week, for example, and you'll see the results yourself.