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Apple expects to sell more than 100 million IPhone 5G

Apple is reportedly asking its supply chain partners to expect more than 100 million orders for the iPhone 12 next year, while the company is expected to sell around 80 million units of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro in 2019.
The figure represents 100 million or more devices, a significant increase in demand, and this level of demand is clearly fueled by the support of 5G technology, along with expectations that iPhone 12 will include significant hardware and design upgrades compared to the last two years.
The figures are based on expectations Apple has provided to its supply chain partners so they can start preparing for the production track next year.

However, a 25 percent jump in sales of new iPhones for the second half of the year seems somewhat ambitious, with iPhone sales hovering up and down just 5 percent over the past few years.
The iPhone 12 is expected to include support for the 5G network via Qualcomm modem chips, a new ToF sensor for the rear 3D camera for augmented reality functions, as well as a design change that reminds users of the design of the iPhone 4.
Analysts widely predict that the spread of 5G networks and telecom infrastructure will prompt customers to upgrade their phones.
Many Android phone manufacturers offer supportive versions of 5G networks, but they usually come as higher-priced versions than the original versions, and the lack of 5G services means the current demand from customers is small.
One analyst predicted that only 15 million smartphones supporting the 5G network would be shipped until the end of 2019, and it is clear that this figure promises to rise significantly in 2020.