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How Children Use the Internet Safely

Nowadays, Children use internet in a lot of fields like:  Making school reports, playing entertaining interactive games, and communicating with teachers and friends, but using it requires great care and constant care from parents. Technology, such devices: TV, e-books, mobile devices such as cell phones, music players, and children are users of the Internet frequently, where they use it to access social networking sites such as Facebook, and watch different videos, studies also showed that ten percent of children read books More than 55 percent of children in grades 7 to 2 use secondary .schools to access the internet to find information about health

How Children Use the Internet Safely 
How children use the Internet

We should teach Children how to use the Internet and how to handle it in a safe way.

  • Not to tell personal information to anyone without the knowledge of parents. 

  • When information is collected for a research or for an online school project, you should ensure that the sites are safe and accurate by consulting with the teacher or librarian. 
  • Do not share your personal password with anyone other than your parents. Do not post videos or images online, except with parental consent.

  •   Not to meet any friend online, except after the permission of the parents, there are people claiming to be friends and they are not. Not trusting all electronic ads, some of them deceive the user that they will provide free things to him, or tell him that he won something, and in fact the goal is to collect personal information about it, and therefore may not buy anything online without the consent of parents. 

  • Do not download any software or open any e-mail attachments, especially when the sender is an anonymous person, because these attachments may contain viruses that destroy the device. All social media sites and networks require a minimum age in order to participate, it is imperative to do so and not allow children to create personal accounts if they are below the minimum.