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How to care for iPhone and iPad battery HERE’S BEST TIPS

Do you suffer from your iPhone battery on iOS 13 or even iOS 12 and earlier? And do you charge the iPhone twice a day or more? Has the charger become your first friend everywhere and looking for an electrical outlet wherever you go? Yes, it is a tragedy by all accounts that you start to see the symptoms of poor battery efficiency on the iPhone.

  • In this guide we will review more than 40 ways of how to maintain the efficiency of the iPhone battery from the first day to buy the phone if it is new or if you are a user of the device we will try to preserve the current battery capacity or the rest of it.
  • These steps can be applied to iPhone, iPad and iPod users with all their models.  Compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 12/11 and steps can be applied to older versions up to iOS 7 as well.

Contents of the guide

  • Firstly: Steps to maintain battery efficiency and capacity (charging method)
  • Second: Operating system settings for longer battery life
Third: IPhone battery replacement or replacement guide

Firstly: Steps to maintain battery efficiency and capacity

Step 1:  Always charge the iPhone (Full-Cycle Charge)

  • The best habit that can be followed from the first day to buy the iPhone, as it is the first step in which you can maintain the efficiency of the battery. Simply wait for the charging / termination to come to an end (near 20%), then place the phone on the charger and wait for it to reach 100%.
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  • How long is the iPhone and iPad charging?
    Usually the phone needs 3-4 hours to complete a full charge cycle, depending on the model.
  • When do I make sure that the iPhone finished charging completely?
    When it reaches 100%, it needs several minutes after it in the process called (trickle charge) until the charging process is completely finished. So if you touch the outside of the back of the phone, you will find it cool, unlike the charging period, the phone is relatively high temperature.
  • Is the phone damaged if I leave it before going to sleep on the charger for several hours until morning?
    the answer: No, after charging is done, the iPhone automatically disconnects itself from the charging cycle. So there is no problem with this.

Step 2: Charge the iPhone when the battery reaches near 20% or after the battery is completely discharged

  • Depending on the nature of the quality of the iPhone's lithium-ion battery, it is affected by fast and random charging over time, so one of the two options is correct: Either wait for the charge level to drop near 20% or until it is completely empty.
  • It is best to leave the phone until it turns off completely at least once per month, for example, as it had a positive impact with completing full charging      cycles on the efficiency of my iPhone battery when I started noticing a change in battery performance.
  • Update: On the Apple Charging Instructions page, I mentioned that the full charge cycle in new batteries can be done by charging the iPhone 100%, and when it reaches, for example, 50% and recharging, the first 50% will be executed first (completing the charging cycle) and then consumption after In order, so, but the capacity of the battery gradually decreases slightly over time.

Step 3: Use the cable only for fast charging

If you are obligated to do charging the iPhone always a full charge cycle, but you are in a specific position or circumstance 

and you will not be able to leave the phone for several hours to complete the charging and need a quick solution without damaging the iPhone battery, then the solution is simple as it is recommended by Apple employees and is to use the charging cable only (Lightning to USB Cable) without the charger to charge the phone for a short period.
  • For example if your phone is 30% and you need to charge it for half an hour for certain conditions, use the cable and place it in any USB port, whether in the car or in the computer.
  • It is best not to use the charger in cases of incomplete charging due to its negative effects on the battery life.
    explanation Using the  slowly cable  charges the phone and does not use the Fast Charging method, unlike the charger, as this method affects the battery directly

Step 4: Discharge the battery once in a while

  • One of the preferences and recommendations of Apple technical support staff is to leave the phone until it is completely discharged and closed, and then leave it for a period ranging between 30 minutes to 3 hours, closed once per period (week / month) during sleep, for example.
  • The benefit of this command is that it helps the iPhone battery perform the calibration of the lithium particles in the battery, and hence better performance.

Step 5: Keep the iPhone while charging from overheating

·         The high temperatures significantly affect the performance of the lithium batteries, so it must be taken into account when charging the iPhone and placing it on a suitable surface such as glass, wood or marble and away from textiles.

·         If you use a case / case for the iPhone, it is preferable to remove the phone from it during charging so that the heat will not be stored inside the phone.

If you intend to store the iPhone for a long time closed or leave it without use, never leave the phone 0%! Charge the battery up to 50% and then turn off the iPhone. And do not charge it full cycle. This is the best way to preserve the iPhone battery.

Always use the original cable for charging or cables from authorized brands. Do not use anonymous and unnamed manufactured charging cables as they are capable of destroying the iPhone battery in a short time!