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How to run Adobe Flash on iPad in a very simple way

Adobe Flash on iPad
IPad owners cannot play games or videos made with flash, due to some reasons that may lead to problems in the performance of the device and the degree of protection, according to the opinion of Steve Jobs, Apple founder, but flash can be played on the iPad in some ways as follows
Photon Browser: It is an integrated browser and has all the features that the user might want, and this browser is the perfect solution to run flash on the iPad and use different flash games.

Puffin Browser This browser, which can run flash on iPad, is characterized by its high speed, and this browser has a free version and another paid price, as this second is characterized by the absence of advertisements.
Cloud Browser This cloud browsing uses Firefox to play any Flash content.

Ways to change the iPad browser
Some people may want to change Apple's internet browser on their iPads, the Safari browser, and this can be done by doing the following:
Open Apple App Store.
Search for new browsers by typing web browser in the search menu.
Download a search browser that the person wants to use, such as Google, Firefox, or even the Puffin browser, which supports flash playback on iPads.

What is Adope flash?
It is the program that was started to develop in the year 1996 AD and was completed in the year 2005 AD by the company Adope. This program helps its users to create animations and publish them via the global internet after they are usually converted to FLV format. This program can be downloaded by going to Website, then follow the instructions on the website.