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Motorola Company Revive Modern Flip Version Razr Mobile Phone

Motorola has revived its old slim and flip Mobile Razr after 15 years from first launching. And we all know that mobile made a major changing in mobile phones market at the past and also making this changing nowadays. 
The display screen in the new "Razr" mobile phone is 6.2 inches, and when you fold the phone, alerts appear on a small screen on the outside of the device.

The device will be sold for US $ 1,500 in the United States, starting from December 26, to be offered later in other markets.
Analysts told the BBC they did not expect the mobile phone have a major impact on global smart phone sales.
But the new "Razr" mobile phone is expected to be seen, at least, as a new innovation from Motorola, a unit of China's giant Lenovo, after buying it from Google in 2014.
Earlier reports said the company would offer 200,000 units, but Motorola could not confirm that.

Motorola: "Razr" mobile phone is an impossible engineering innovation of folding 
Motorola describe "Razr" mobile phone as "Innovative" geometric creativity, with a unique feature which is flipping. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile phone, which folds, we find that there is a gap between the two screens in the case of folding.
Razr mobile phone, as the engine engineers at Motorola say, closes in half without any gap.
Razr mobile phone was expected to be on the market last summer, because the idea was floated in the company almost a year ago, but the company faced difficulties, allowing other companies, such as Samsung, before, but the speed of Samsung, analysts say - caused problems in the device.
Motorola says the new Razr mobile phone is water-resistant, hard-wearing, and the company has promised to replace the monitor for free within 24 hours in case of malfunction as long as the device is under warranty.
The thickness of the Razr mobile phone when folded 14 mm. The size of the old Razr mobile phone was 13.9 mm.

The external screen, called Motorola Quick View, can be used to identify alerts, answer text messages, answer calls, and pay for purchases using e-cards.
The Famous Star Actress Paris Hilton revealed new version Razr mobile phone with the help of English footballer David Beckham, and the journalists took pictures of them holding the device so that the audience can see how thin it is.