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Snapchat Launches Time Machine Filter to change Face Age

Snapchat has launched a new filter that allows users to “travel by time” by changing their appearance and seeing their faces as they are younger or older, similar to the popular FaceApp.
The company called the new filter, or lens, the time machine, which includes a slider that the user can drag on the screen to monitor how the shape changes by age. This feature can be used to see appearance at a younger age.

Snapchat will launch the new candidate from Thursday, and comes in an effort from Snapchat to attract more users, after the popularity of the age-changing applications, in addition to the gender change candidate that was provided by Snapchat previously, and attract Number of new users.
During the summer, the Baby filter, which allows users to see their shapes as if they were children, was very popular. According to the company, more than 70% of its users spend some time daily flipping between filters.
It is noteworthy that 2019 saw the proliferation of applications, and the advantages of using artificial intelligence technology to change their forms, and the application FaceApp was the most famous, but after raising security concerns his popularity declined.
Security experts have warned that the free (old-age candidate), which first appeared in 2017 by developers at Wireless Lab, based in St. Petersburg, Russia, raises security concerns about access to personal information.
The latest version of Snapchat for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iOS from the App Store.