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Surprise to Children on Online Learning.. That’s what Scientists found

Online Learning is the most beautiful methods to learn your child because it has a lot of features such as videos or photos which make children understand quickly and know every information, easily. 
 Scientists have found that children who are learning online lessons better than traditional learning because of the many interactive features of online learning.

Online learning outweighs traditional methods in this field.

American scientists from the University of Oregon said that online learning outweighs traditional methods in this field.
The study, conducted on a large sample of children who are educated online, found that this non-traditional method allows interaction in Internet lectures with a greater absorption of study materials, an increase of 18% compared to the absorption resulting from the presence in lectures and scientific seminars in their traditional form.
The study advised scientists to adopt the new mechanism, which relies on the presentation of educational curricula through interesting videos, in the education of children, because it reviews the educational content in an attractive and sequential, which provides ease of comprehension and conservation, and thus the best way to succeed.