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Raising Kids to Use Technology Wisely
It seems that we are definitely living in the age of technology. Nearly every single person in the United States has taken a trip down the...
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HONOR 9X is now available in Saudi Arabia
HONOR 9X, is latest innovation in the field of advanced smartphones, has arrived in major markets in Saudi Arabia for SAR 999.The innovati...
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Apple expects to sell more than 100 million IPhone 5G
Apple is reportedly asking its supply chain partners to expect more than 100 million orders for the iPhone 12 next year, while the company...
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Motorola Company Revive Modern Flip Version Razr Mobile Phone
Motorola has revived its old slim and flip Mobile Razr after 15 years from first launching. And we all know that mobile made a major chang...
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Snapchat Launches Time Machine Filter to change Face Age
Snapchat has launched a new filter that allows users to “travel by time” by changing their appearance and seeing their faces as they are y...
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How do you use Instagram artificial intelligence to choose content?
Instagram has shared new details on how its application uses machine learning technology to illustrate content to users. The company said ...
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How to care for iPhone and iPad battery HERE’S BEST TIPS
Hanen Role 20 June 2020
Do you suffer from your iPhone battery on iOS 13 or even iOS 12 and earlier? And do you charge the iPhone twice a day or more? Has the ch...
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Top 10 mobile phones in 2019
Are you looking for a new mobile phone? Your old mobile malfunction or want to change to the latest? Let us help you in this article by me...
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Converting your PC Screen To TV By Easiest Steps
The screens are considered one of the revolutionary products that have greatly changed the human life. Screens used in many fields, as...
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How to run Adobe Flash on iPad in a very simple way
Adobe Flash on iPad IPad owners cannot play games or videos made with flash, due to some reasons that may lead to problems in the perfor...
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