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Using Technology

The Children Use Technology Increasingly Young
The average age to which the children initiate themselves with the technological products is gone down to 6,7 years in 2007, claims the st...
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Using Technology to Get an Online Degree
khaled osama 23 June 2020
Online education is becoming increasingly popular these days with more and more people benefiting from the flexibility it provides. Howeve...
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6 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Technology
Ever pondered on whether you can grow your creativity using Technology? Can you relate? Read on to find out. Here are a few eye-provok...
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Using Technology in learning...why it’s important?
Importance of Using Technology in Learning  Using technology in the educational process is a goad method to enhance students' learni...
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Apple expects to sell more than 100 million IPhone 5G
Apple is reportedly asking its supply chain partners to expect more than 100 million orders for the iPhone 12 next year, while the company...
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4 Ways to Avoid Fraud in Black Friday
A few days separate us from the most important annual event in the field of shopping globally and locally, the day of discounts Friday, ca...
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Using Technology to Maximize Employee Learning
How much of their essential job skills and knowledge are people in your organization learning from one another? 10%? 20%? Probably closer ...
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Integrating Technology Into Learning
Today's training departments are struggling with budget issues as well as proving their worth. Along with this, the continuing struggl...
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Using Technology and Distance Learning to Learn a Foreign Language
As school budgets get tighter and tighter, more schools are looking to ways to maximize every dollar. Often, that means only funding class...
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Using Technology In the Classroom - Is It Really Happening?
Our schools today are so focused on having teachers use technology in the classroom. However, too often what that means is that a teacher ...
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3 Tips for Engaging and Motivating Students Using Technology in the Classroom
Today's teacher is faced with issues that those of twenty years ago never could have imagined. As the twenty-first century settles in ...
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Using Skype to Learn English Online - How Technology Can Benefit Students
If you have been thinking about improving your English skills, but haven't had the time to fit in classes into your busy schedule, you...
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Why Use Technology in Schools and Higher Education?
khaled osama 20 June 2020
The world seems at an end without access to technology. Organizations in various cities and countries tend to increase their usage of tech...
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